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Whitney Amplification Rustic 66

The Rustic 66 is a non master volume 45 watt British style amp with tube driven and recovered 3 spring reverb.

The amp is tube rectified and utilizes KT 66 tubes in the power section. The tube rectifier provides for some sag and bloom of the power supply while the KT66 tubes have a growling midrange while maintaining a tight bottom and bell like high end. This amp is touch sensitive and allows for the use of the guitar's volume control and pick attack to control the amount of growl desired. The two knob transformer/tube driven and tube recovered reverb allows for both length of delay line control as well as the traditional wet level control. The eq section is a cathode follower type voiced in the British voicing. The Cut control allows for fine tuning of the top end with more control than the traditional presence style control. The wet and dry signals are split at the input and joined at the phase inverter to prevent the typical messy interaction of the dry volume control and length of delay line typical of series style reverb circuits.

The amp is equipped with speaker impedance switch for 4, 8, and 16 ohm operation. External bias adjust and bias test jacks allow for easy tube substitution and bias adjustment.

The cabinet is pine with ostrich style covering and rustic pine front with cane grill.

The tube compliment is 5AR4 recto, KTT finals, 4 12AX7 serving reverb preamp, reverb recovery, dry signal preamp, eq, and phase inverter. A 12AT7 drives the reverb transformer to shake the springs in the 3 spring reverb tank.

This amp is very versatile sonically and lends itself nicely to the player's right hand and volume control to dictate front end gain of the amp. The amp circuit provides for controllable linear response of the power section. Hit it hard and it barks, lay back and it sings. Finally, use your instrument's volume control to accurately dial in the dirt your heart desires. Tailor the top end with the Cut control to voice your tone perfectly. Put space in you tunes with the reverb. The Rustic 66 will deliver.