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Here is quite a rare and unique instrument from the 1960s. This 35.5'' scale length was most likely made in the year 1967 for the Airline guitar company by Valco. This 7289 model Airline bass is in wonderful condition for its age and is totally original. This bass is quite similar to the Airline Pocket bass and features two pickups (one of which is a piezo located in the bridge) that can be blended together using the "tone" knob. This bass can cover a wide array of warm and bright tones by blending between the two pickups. This bass is in great shape for its age, but has some wear, nicks, and dings. The vintage sized frets have very little wear to them and the bass plays great. There is a dead fret (13th on D string) and some buzz on the higher frets. This bass will ship in a non original hard shell case which has wear to it.

1967 Airline Model 7289 Violin Bass Guitar Valco Supro Rare & Original