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Taylor 324ce Left Handed (Floor Model)

For all the south paws out there who want a piece of the action we actually... have a Taylor for you to try! I feel pain for all of the lefty members of our family who stop by the shop and we have barely anything for them to check out...


Because of that I hope we can keep a few left handed models in the shop. This 324ce is right down the middle of Taylor's lineup. The 300 series is the big jump up (in both price and features) but you get a lot of bang for the buck: USA made, Taylor made hardshell case, all solid woods and some tasteful visual appointments. 


The wood packages can vary in the 300 series depending on year and model. This incarnation has all solid Tasmanian Blackwood, giving a similar low-mid tone and grow associated with tropical Mahogany and Sapele. The top is dressed up in a shaded edge burst finish. 


The grand symphony is Taylor's utility knife guitar (think OM or 000 in Martin world), the body is large enough to reward flat picking and harder strumming but petite enough to handle fingerstyle. A true utility knife shape for the diverse player.