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The Throttle Box serves up all genres of rock with cut and aggression but retains the signature warmth and organic sonic quality found in all our instruments. A Hi-Lo gain switch produces two distinct but related ranges of gain. Hi mode delivers maximum gain, punch and harmonic layering. In Lo the saturation is slightly reduced while still providing heavy gain. Lo is the go-to mode for classic rock, blues and other mid-gain styles yet still heavy for rock. A small internal dip switch in the battery bay allows you to fine tune bass response for either a tighter, more balanced bass - or - modern bass bloom. The extremely effective Mid Cut control presents a wide range of possibilities from mid-forward attack when set low or heavily scooped midrange like the signature Boogie "Classic V" EQ when set higher. From bedroom metal to live high gain rock applications and beyond the Throttle Box delivers modern gain sounds and versatility that reflects tones Mesa artists have been using for years for heavy sounds.

Mesa Boogie Throttle Box High Gain Distortion