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Let me start by saying I do not normally like fuzz pedals. I am a tube guy and I like loud tube amps doing hot glass things to the guitar. I now own an EHX Triangle Big Muff Pi. Why??? The tone control knob. Having the ability to choose the frequency range affected by the fuzz allows for more nuanced voicings. Sure you can get the traditional sizzle or grunt from this pedal, but careful manipulation of the tone knob will provide for more sonic territories allowing this pedal to be more of a mainstay and less of a once in a while.


Electro-Harmonix has reissued the original Big Muff and it’s dripping with vintage Electro-Harmonix looks and tone. Called the Triangle Big Muff because of the layout of its Volume, Sustain and Tone controls, this is the pedal that launched a thousand more pedals. The new Triangle Big Muff is a faithful re-creation of the original circa '69 circuit but is now housed in a pedalboard friendly, die-cast chassis.

Electro-Harmonix Triangle Big Muff Pi