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EHX Ocean's 11 Reverb Pedal

The Ocean's 11 Reverb pedal is a a new offering from the constantly evolving and never stale Electro-Harmonix. In this pedal you will find... you guessed it, 11 reverb types as well as a few hidden options. It includes classics like Hall, Spring and Plate as well as a variety of modulated reverb's, Freeze style effects, infinate reverb and shimmer modes. 


They have really crammed a whole lot of options into their standard size box. This is like the heady, tripped-out take on the T.C. Electronic hall of fame. It has just enough standard options to use as a plain jane reverb but nearly infinate options for expolration beyond just adding a little reverb to you signal. 


If you are looking for a crooked take on some of the classic Reverb's you have come to know and love then look no further.