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Spindrift Guitars is proud to be offering some instruments from the collection of guitars Earl Slick. We took in a large collection of guitars and amplifiers that will be getting listed it over the next few weeks. 


Earl was kind enough to visit the store to sign individual certificates that will be included with each piece. The first few items to sell will include an autographed poster from a Tom Petty festival as well as an Earl Slick signature pick.


The Line 6 Pod Pro is legendary for the amount of options it has stored in one small rack mounted unit. It features 32 amp models, 16 cab models, and these can be mixed and matched for custom sounds. 36 programmable channels are provided for storing them. It also contains 16 digital effects combinations. And it has enough connectivity for the most demanding recording pro. With 24-bit AES/EBUY, S/PDIF digital out, word clock, 44.1kHz operation, unprocessed guitar out, and line level input, the POD Pro is well equipped to perform in professional recording environments. It also features Dual-Mode XLR Direct Outs with A.I.R., which simulates the interaction of mics and speaker cabs. It also features Tone Transfer, which allows POD PRO sounds to be seamlessly transferred to any other POD Pro, POD, or Flextone II amp. New sounds can be acquired via the Line 6 ToneTransfer Web Library.


Earl Slick's Personal Line 6 POD Pro