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In the guitar world we are hopeless traditionalists. Sometimes we call the smallest changes to the status quo "revolutionary" or "game changers". Cole Clark guitars find a wonderful balance of old world and forward looking choices that check a lot of boxes for a gigging musician. 


Firstly, the woods are non-traditional. Yes, they do offer Rosewood, Mahnogany and Spruce options but I liken it to buying the Porsche SUV... it is just not want the brand is known for. They offer alternative timber (in a world where we are exhausting all of the traditional options) much of it native to Australia where the guitars are constructed. This particular model has a Redwood top with Queensland Maple back and sides. The fat lady is a dreadnought sized guitar but has a cutaway. 


Similar to classical guitars Cole Clarks have a Spanish heel as opposed to a traditional dovetail or bolt-on neck. It offers a remarkably sturdy instrument that does not have many of the flaws of dovetail necks joints (often a need to change the neck angle). 


The crowning jewel of these already impressive guitars is the pickup system. There is really no other pickup in the same league as the Cole Clark system. It has a blendable system of undersaddle piezo, body sensors and an internal mic that is all controlable with the onboard pre-amp. If like all acoustic musicians you seek the lovely sound of your acoustic guitar but just... louder, this system has you covered. The controls offer a lot of solutions to common live sound problems. Getting feedback? Dial out the internal Mic. Is your sound not cutting in the mix? Back off the body sensor and Mic and rely on the traditionally bright undersaddle. 


We hope you get a chance to stop by and plug one of them in!

Cole Clark Fat Lady 2 Redwood Top w/ Queensland Maple Back+Sides