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2014 Whitney Stout Amplifier

The Stout is aptly named.  Michael Whitney wanted to delliver big warm clean power with total tonal flexability.  This amplifier is 100 watts of 6L6GC driven goodness.  The Stout features tube driven and recovered spring reverb with Dwell and Mix controls.  You can control the length of the delay line and the amount of reverb present in the mix.  An active FX loop with Send and Return level controls is transparent in the signal path and can be bypassed.  Having level controls allow the artist to untilize both vintage and modern rack gear by accomadating the various input sensitivities.  Although this is a Master Volume amp, the initial Gain control acts a sensitivity control in order to suit the different pickup configurations available to the input section.  Ever sound great with a Strat and then it all goes to hell with a Les Paul (or vice versa)?  Evey have you pedal board drive your amp too hard?  Now you can adjust the front end gain to suit.  The three band eq is voiced for full bottom, tight mids, and a round top end.  If you love clean clean clean or want a platform to amplify your pedal board without a mess of coloration, then the Stout is your amp.