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2008 Pedulla "ThunderBolt" Active Bartolini P'ups w. Hard Case

The Thunderbolt combines a bolt-on two piece maple neck with rosewood fingerboard and a laminated body, producing a more traditional tone, deep and rich with overtones. The body consists of a two piece soft maple back with a book matched flame maple top and is finished in gloss polyester and choice of color. The Thunderbolt is available in 4, 5 and 6 string models.
   The Thunderbolt has all the characteristic Thunderbass growl. Due to the bolt-on design and different woods used, the Thunderbolt has a rounder, more "vintage" voice. The tone is meaty and full bodied throughout the bass’ entire range (not just the low notes as on lesser instruments), deep low-end, throaty growling midrange, and a very wet high-end. The unique electronics allow for a very smooth and warm finger sound and a full bodied slap and pop sound without changing controls. The Thunderguts switchable circuit adds another dimension to the already devastating tonal range, accessing a thicker character with a tight, articulate low-end and midrange.
   Thunderbolt controls include volume, pickup pan, TBT electronics (active tone system with independent bass and treble controls to boost or cut 15dB), and our Thunderguts switch. In conjunction with Bill Bartolini, we designed our own proprietary tone shaping circuits (exclusive to the Pedulla Thunderbass and Thunderbolt) to work with two active Bartolini soapbar pickups. The result is a quiet system delivering punch, definition, and a uniquely present sound that shines through any mix, whether it’s in the studio or on a gig. We use a machined brass "barrel" bridge which imparts the more traditional sound we wanted from a bolt on. This bass is in near mint condition with only some very small dings on the back on some slight tarnishing to the gold hardware. Purchase includes a hard shell Pedulla branded case.