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1971 Martin D-18

Without a doubt Martin has been the biggest contributor to the modern acoustic guitar. One of their wonderful gifts to the story of the guitar is the dreadnought body shape. Its premier in 1931 was a game changer for the acoustic guitar. The deep size finally allowing the guitar to compete in larger multi-instrumental formats. 


This D-18 comes around much later in the Martin story, hailing from 1971, 40 years after the original dreadnoughts left the factory. This era was a transition for Martin as they began to face more pressure from smaller "startup" companies like Guild. Their designs, while iconic, were falling out of favor as the guitar world became more electric and incresingly focused on plugged in amplification. 


That being said the quality of the instruments remained consistent. Compared to their golden era instruments the largest changes were the heavier bracing compared to the scalloped bracing of the golden era. During this time Martin was waiting patiently for the windfall that Eric Clapton's Unplugged would unleash. 


This D-18 has to be one of the cleanest examples of one of their most celebrated models. This guitar shows virtually no signs of play. I had to take a double take when it came out of its case. It has had a bit of work done to it. The original pickguard is in the case but was replaced. It has a professional neck reset two years ago and has been stored under low tension since. The neck angle is perfect. There is one minor crack near the fingerboard/soundhole. It has been secured and has no effect on the playability or sound.


This is a time capsule guitar. It includes the original chipboard case as well as Martin pamphlets (one for the guitar models and one for the strings).