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1930's-1960's B&J N.Y. "The Serenader"

B & J, or Buegeleisen and Jacobson, was a musical instrument distributor based in New York City for most of the Twentieth Century. The company had instruments built for them by many of the factories that we’ve become familiar with, Stromberg-Voisenet (later to become Kay), Espana and Regal. The Serenader name was used on a wide variety of guitars and equipment from the 1920’s right on into the 1960’s. Not much more is known about these instruments and dating them can be very difficult because most were catelog guitars and show no serial number. This model shows many of the similar traits to models from the 1930's. This Serenader shows it's age with many hairline cracks in the finish, some dings and scrathes, and even has a small crack along the neck that has been glued and cleated (see photo). Aside from being so old, the neck shows little to no fret ware! Also, we brought it back to life with a good wipe down and some brand new strings. Please feel free to give us a call if you have any questions and thanks for checking it out!